Before you start YouTube channel to make money in India

Many people think that starting YouTube channel is the easiest way to make money from YouTube and start passive income source. Many popular Indian Youtubers have made lakhs by creating videos on YouTube.

If you are also thinking of earning money from YouTube in India, this blog post is for you.

The reality is; making money on YouTube requires dedicated effors, consisancy, creativity, unique and original content.

Secrets of making money from YouTube in India

Remember one thing, makine money from YouTube is the most difficult task unless you know how to monetize your content, unless you know secrets and tricks to earn money.

If you think you will be able to make 1lakh per month just by creating one viral video then you are wrong. YouTube is not source of quick income. YouTube is all about regularly uploading high-quality videos and uniqe content.

To become successful YouTubers and make tons of money from YouTube in India, you must understand your audience and focus on creating unique content while keeping your audience in mind.

Another secret..

It’s not in views, its about advertisment engagement that gives you money

People think, more views means more money. Well, this is not true. To make money from YouTube videos, you must first get advertisement and viwer must interact with ads shown on your videos. You won’t make money if they “skip” ads shown on your videos.

To start earning money from YouTube videos, you will have to sign up for YouTube Partner Program. To be able to join partner program, your channel is required to have 4000 watch hours and minimum 1000 subsribers.

Getting 1000 subsribers may not be difficult but getting 4000 watch hours is not easy.


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